Brooklyn Baby

"They say I’m too young to love you,
they say I’m too dumb to see,
they judge me like a picture book,
by the colors, like they forgot to read”

(Fuente: dormanta)

neverbreakingthewarmthflow preguntó:

(;x I'm Amy, How long is your hair and would you post a pic of your hair straightened, lovit <3 I will be trying to grow my hair like repunzel's hair, very long. u should too aim for a really long supercool look, that falls far down past your waist, while your hair is seriously stunning :)xxX Try not to cut though , just let it grow long and stong maximised... Don't eliminate beauty, your hair is your hair, never give it up. :)!!!X. I wish you the best!X<3xxx

journals ♡ Contestar:

aw thankss, I try to take good care of my hair..:) I had thought that maybe I should dye my hair to a lighter color, but i don’t know hah.

so… i hope you have a nice long hair!! (sorry for my bad english)